Sunday, 26 June 2011

The search for Significance

I am currently reading the book; 'the search for significance- student edition' by Robert McGee. I was given this book by Heather as she had read it so I thought I'd have a flick through and see if I liked it. But as soon as I picked it up I realised how relevant it was for me.

It consists of 9 chapters which each explore topics such as; performance, approval, blame, shame, lies and motivation. Its basically showing you the different ways in which we lose what we think of as our significance and to show us our importance to God.

I absolutely love this book, its made me realise the different ways which we can loose how significant we are. I know how many things in this world can make us feel like nothing and that we are worthless.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, its made me think of our worth in life and I can't put it down. One I've read it all, I think I'll do another blog, I know this hasn't been the most interesting blog but I just love this book!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Turn to God in time of need?

This is something which has been playing on my mind for a while so here are my thoughts.

In films you see people who show no sign of obvious faith, go into say something such as a plane crash and suddenly they will start praying and reaching for God. This always seems to baffle me as you wonder whether they were just doing it because it was their last hope or because they always had faith but only turned to God in time of need.

I went through a stage where I was only ever praying when I felt like there was something I needed or wanted help on. I think this was because I started to just rely on God to sort out all of my problems and I wasn't even thinking before I asked, or more real; demanded.

I didn't quite realise what I was doing until I read a verse in the bible (not sure which) that said; ''do not just turn to God in time of need, but thank him for what he has provided''.
Or something along those lines... it made me realise that a relationship is two way, yeah; no matter how little or much we pray God still cares and loves us the same. But its the time we spend just listening and thanking him that strengthens and builds the relationship.

So just think; am I turning to God just in time of need, or am I spending time thanking him for what he has provided and strengthening your faith and relationship with him?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Having the Canadians...

This week TOB (think outside the box) have had to the opportunity to work with a group of Canadians who are on a world tour to perform and teach young people drama. We first had a session with them on Wednesday, then a full day on Saturday. The product of all of this was replacing the preach with a 45 minute drama about being an 'unlikely hero'.

Working with these people was such an amazing experience, they were so talented and so willing to serve and glorify God. As soon as you saw them you could see how much they threw themselves into it all and didn't care what anyone thought of them.

Whilst hanging out with them in breaks we started to build friendships with them as they were such fun and caring people to be around. Every time we didn't understand or asked a question they would always help us and go out of their way to make sure that we knew what was happening.

Then it got to the performance, to put it in three words it was: amazing, powerful but also very exhausting. Everyone who was on stage performed so well and even though I didn't quite know what I was meant to be doing at times we all had fun. I was so proud of everyone was part of it, because we may not of had very long to rehearse but they all tried their hardest to make it a great performance.

Its going to be really hard to say goodbye now because they have had such an amazing impact on us. But they have left us with so much of their spirit and great attitude on us that we can now go out and glorify God through drama.

Friday, 22 April 2011

be thankful for what we have...

The bible says to not be jealous of what we haven't got but to be thankful for what we've given. But how are we actually meant to do this when there is so much that the media tells us that we 'need' to fit in or to be the right kind of person?

For me this is quite hard to remember and stick to. Mainly because I'm constantly wanting what I haven't got and not being thankful for what I've been blessed with. As a teenager one large thing I envy is the way someone looks. But to be honest what's being jealous going to do to help me? I'm not exactly going to suddenly turn into the person.

Also I have quite a lot of trouble not envying the talents other people have been blessed with. But then I just have to think and realise that each persons talents is made for them. So, what use would I do with those gifts?

But when we think about it we have been given so much that we're not always thankful for! So our families and relatives, friends and many other things that we don't need but it just enhances everything.

There isn't much more I could really ask for could I? I've got an amazing amount of family and friends around me and everything I could ever need. And much more...

I know this was a random blog but I think we all need to remember to be thankful for what we have been blessed with and not envy what others have.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lost sight of my morals...

Last year I started to loose focus of what my aims were. I had lost sight of why I was doing what I was doing and it got in the way of my faith. I also lost a lot of my passion for God and wasn't really 'on fire' for God any more.

I think it started when I stopped reading my bible and took on a very 'can't be bothered' approach to life. But me being me; I hid it quite well, so no-one really noticed. So I kept coming to church and serving as I did. But inside my head my morals were pretty messed up.

It only seemed to change when I went to Rocknations; the youth conference in Bradford. I'm not quite sure what it was but it seemed to refresh my passion and fire for God and what I was doing. I had a renewed fire and my aims and goals in life were put back in my path.

Now I know why I serve and why I come to church. I now wake up every morning with a smile on my face; knowing that that day I will make the most of every opportunity. I love life now.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Today was a great day for me. Not only was it filled with great food , but I spent it with the people I love most- my family. Today was my Grandpa's 70th birthday! So about 20 of us all had a big meal to celebrate, and it opened my eyes to the reason of family's.

For a long time I just thought of them as relatives, just people who were related to me, not much else really. But today changed that, it made me think in a new light. Just seeing my relatives laughing, chatting and just being together made me realise something.

That they are there to help you, to compliment you and to make your life great. I know that without half the people who were at that meal, I wouldn't be who I am today. I look up to them, I learn from their mistakes and admire their achievements.

I also saw that your family, no matter what will always love you. And that no-matter what, you can always be who you want around them because they know the real you and they don't care about the way you look or act.

But even though some people who we call cousins or aunties aren't even related to us, yet they still bring something to the family. And its great to know that they feel welcome and a part because having so many amazing people around you that appreciate you for who you are is amazing!

So yeah...I just wanted to share my view on my large outer family, because they mean the world to me. And I just want to thank everyone who made today happen, so that we could celebrate how amazing my Grandpa is.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Christmas and New Year

This year I think I've had the best Christmas yet. Not because I got what I wanted but because I spent it doing everything I wanted. I spent the time with the people I love most; my family.
This year we had the whole family over on Christmas eve, it was hectic but a great get together. And mum did brilliantly organising it all :)

Then I had an amazing time with my great dance group - Explode which me and my best friend Kathryn run. They all did brilliantly and I was so proud of them. The night was full of great drama's, songs and a brilliant message.

Christmas day was different this year- we stayed at home rather than visiting my grandparents. I
t was nice to have a good family day at home full of giving, fun and great food!

Then boxing day started early, about half 2 in fact! This year we had the pleasure of going to Italy for a week of skiing. It was a great week which was really fun and enjoyable.
We got back on Sunday at around half 1, not quite such and early start! (still half 5 though)

Then my winter holiday ended with a great day full of what I love.
The Christmas Oakwood show (rescheduled due to snow) was a really enjoyable day full of m
y closest friends and what I love doing. :D

Here's my results;
Dressage class- 8th, didn't go so well (dressage isn't my strong point!)
Jumping 1- 1st, went very well
Jumping 2- 4th, It was going very well...until I fell off !
The day was amazing and we all left with great memories, I loved it and can't wait to get back down to oakwood.

Now I can look forward to 2011. A year of fun, family, friends and most of all living for God the whole way through it. :)