Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Christmas and New Year

This year I think I've had the best Christmas yet. Not because I got what I wanted but because I spent it doing everything I wanted. I spent the time with the people I love most; my family.
This year we had the whole family over on Christmas eve, it was hectic but a great get together. And mum did brilliantly organising it all :)

Then I had an amazing time with my great dance group - Explode which me and my best friend Kathryn run. They all did brilliantly and I was so proud of them. The night was full of great drama's, songs and a brilliant message.

Christmas day was different this year- we stayed at home rather than visiting my grandparents. I
t was nice to have a good family day at home full of giving, fun and great food!

Then boxing day started early, about half 2 in fact! This year we had the pleasure of going to Italy for a week of skiing. It was a great week which was really fun and enjoyable.
We got back on Sunday at around half 1, not quite such and early start! (still half 5 though)

Then my winter holiday ended with a great day full of what I love.
The Christmas Oakwood show (rescheduled due to snow) was a really enjoyable day full of m
y closest friends and what I love doing. :D

Here's my results;
Dressage class- 8th, didn't go so well (dressage isn't my strong point!)
Jumping 1- 1st, went very well
Jumping 2- 4th, It was going very well...until I fell off !
The day was amazing and we all left with great memories, I loved it and can't wait to get back down to oakwood.

Now I can look forward to 2011. A year of fun, family, friends and most of all living for God the whole way through it. :)

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