Sunday, 20 February 2011


Today was a great day for me. Not only was it filled with great food , but I spent it with the people I love most- my family. Today was my Grandpa's 70th birthday! So about 20 of us all had a big meal to celebrate, and it opened my eyes to the reason of family's.

For a long time I just thought of them as relatives, just people who were related to me, not much else really. But today changed that, it made me think in a new light. Just seeing my relatives laughing, chatting and just being together made me realise something.

That they are there to help you, to compliment you and to make your life great. I know that without half the people who were at that meal, I wouldn't be who I am today. I look up to them, I learn from their mistakes and admire their achievements.

I also saw that your family, no matter what will always love you. And that no-matter what, you can always be who you want around them because they know the real you and they don't care about the way you look or act.

But even though some people who we call cousins or aunties aren't even related to us, yet they still bring something to the family. And its great to know that they feel welcome and a part because having so many amazing people around you that appreciate you for who you are is amazing!

So yeah...I just wanted to share my view on my large outer family, because they mean the world to me. And I just want to thank everyone who made today happen, so that we could celebrate how amazing my Grandpa is.

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