Friday, 22 April 2011

be thankful for what we have...

The bible says to not be jealous of what we haven't got but to be thankful for what we've given. But how are we actually meant to do this when there is so much that the media tells us that we 'need' to fit in or to be the right kind of person?

For me this is quite hard to remember and stick to. Mainly because I'm constantly wanting what I haven't got and not being thankful for what I've been blessed with. As a teenager one large thing I envy is the way someone looks. But to be honest what's being jealous going to do to help me? I'm not exactly going to suddenly turn into the person.

Also I have quite a lot of trouble not envying the talents other people have been blessed with. But then I just have to think and realise that each persons talents is made for them. So, what use would I do with those gifts?

But when we think about it we have been given so much that we're not always thankful for! So our families and relatives, friends and many other things that we don't need but it just enhances everything.

There isn't much more I could really ask for could I? I've got an amazing amount of family and friends around me and everything I could ever need. And much more...

I know this was a random blog but I think we all need to remember to be thankful for what we have been blessed with and not envy what others have.

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