Sunday, 26 June 2011

The search for Significance

I am currently reading the book; 'the search for significance- student edition' by Robert McGee. I was given this book by Heather as she had read it so I thought I'd have a flick through and see if I liked it. But as soon as I picked it up I realised how relevant it was for me.

It consists of 9 chapters which each explore topics such as; performance, approval, blame, shame, lies and motivation. Its basically showing you the different ways in which we lose what we think of as our significance and to show us our importance to God.

I absolutely love this book, its made me realise the different ways which we can loose how significant we are. I know how many things in this world can make us feel like nothing and that we are worthless.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, its made me think of our worth in life and I can't put it down. One I've read it all, I think I'll do another blog, I know this hasn't been the most interesting blog but I just love this book!

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