Friday, 3 June 2011

Turn to God in time of need?

This is something which has been playing on my mind for a while so here are my thoughts.

In films you see people who show no sign of obvious faith, go into say something such as a plane crash and suddenly they will start praying and reaching for God. This always seems to baffle me as you wonder whether they were just doing it because it was their last hope or because they always had faith but only turned to God in time of need.

I went through a stage where I was only ever praying when I felt like there was something I needed or wanted help on. I think this was because I started to just rely on God to sort out all of my problems and I wasn't even thinking before I asked, or more real; demanded.

I didn't quite realise what I was doing until I read a verse in the bible (not sure which) that said; ''do not just turn to God in time of need, but thank him for what he has provided''.
Or something along those lines... it made me realise that a relationship is two way, yeah; no matter how little or much we pray God still cares and loves us the same. But its the time we spend just listening and thanking him that strengthens and builds the relationship.

So just think; am I turning to God just in time of need, or am I spending time thanking him for what he has provided and strengthening your faith and relationship with him?

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